‘Shidiksha’ is an educational programme under Sanvitha. Its focus is to empower students in rural areas by providing them umpteen opportunities in the field of education. The wide gap between the education system of urban and rural areas caught attention of the founders of Sanvitha.  After which they worked-out an intense activity, result of which is inception of the educational programme ‘Shidiksha’.

Shidiksha aims to bridge the wide gap between the strata, by providing assistance and numerous opportunities to the rural learners at all levels; from primary to senior-secondary, from government to non-government schools.

In Shidiksha we are committed that a cordial environment and platform of optimum resources at very low cost shall be provided to the learners of rural areas. At this platform, they will get everything available to them, which are effortlessly available to the learners of urban areas. Here, they will be free to aspire their dreams and determine their own goals as per their interests and capabilities.

We want to empower you to become that better version of yourself education is supposed to allow. This Program is only for Rural area and RBSE Students.

why shidiksha ?

Today we are living in the scenario where we need to see globally but act locally. In today’s world of cutthroat competition, where on one hand, to compete, immense pressure is on the students of urban areas to create their edge in respect of their skills, education, communication skills etc. On the other hand, a key segment of society is majorly ignorant and feels completely disconnected to this scenario. For them skills, top-edge education or communication skills are not something directly related to them. While if given an opportunity, they have ability to achieve every possible height.

 This motivated us to form Shidiksha to develop talent and skills, which are critical to any organisation or individual amongst the rural learners. Through our exhaustive efforts, we realised various barriers in the progress of rural education system. To quote prominently, low-income schools have low budget and lack of adequate resources, students of rural areas are unable to buy reference books, take coaching, no career counseling available to them, lack of career focus or motivation etc.


It can be commonly seen that in rural areas, families of the students lack awareness about the world and opportunities lying outside their villages. They have absolutely no clue about the changing scenario of the education system, new or upcoming courses, diverse career opportunities available to their children. They still live in the delusion that education and career opportunities are for the children of urban areas only.


While during our process when we made them aware of the options, there was a consistent concern regarding affordability. They raised the issue of limited earning and resources, which they have to distribute very skillfully amongst all family members. Even to think about to spend a generous fund on tuition fee, books or other required expenses to avail these educational facilities to attain better education, is beyond their imagination.


In cases, where families of the students are aware and also manage to afford they face the third major barrier, i.e. accessibility. Our rural areas lack even basic requirements of infrastructure, institutions, quality educators and other basic requirements to have an average education system. Educators in rural areas are either not competent or not willing to give their best for this noble cause. Families of students in rural areas are not aware about the ways and methods to follow to attain what is their right.

Student development Program ( SDP )

Shidiksha is educational program which provides education to the rural students. Aim of this program is improvement, empowerment of rural education in Rajasthan.

Aim of this program to make an education bridge for Rural education and Urban Education. We work for Rural learners from Primary to Sr. Secondary level in Govt. and Non Govt. Schools.

We make an environment and platform where rural area students get all resources which are available in urban area at very low cost.

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Rsta & Rgke

Eligibility Criteria

  • Students from class 5 to Class 12 from CBSE, RBSE any other recognized state board can apply for that
  • Students regular student of any pvt,public and govt school

The aim these exam is to Encourage students' participation in national/international competitions/ programmes/events/ Scholarships conduct by various Govt& Non GovtOrganisations.
Aim of this organize these activities to build a competitive spirit among school children�
These exams help cultivate a kind of analytical thinking in the children which is useful in any examination like NEET/IIT-JEE/VITEEE/BANK/SSC/CA-CS etc..
RSTA/RGKE also help parents identifying the talent of their child. Each student is provided a Student Performance Report . After report analyses the strong and weak areas of the student and also gives a detailed performance comparison of the student vis-a-vis other students at school, district and state level


A international /national educational trip*
Cash prizes
Academic Scholarships
Exam pattern�
Total time duration for exam is 90 mins. With No Negative marking.
Paper is Objective type multiple Choice under OMR systems�

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